Saturday, September 22, 2012

Labour party beyond belief

My hatred of the Labour party in RCT grows by the day. They are the most arrogant, hypocritical and self-serving bunch of people I know, and so blatant in their use and abuse of the system it really does defy belief.

So what has caused this latest rant? A development control meeting Thursday evening.

First there was an application to retain part of a cafe in Treforest as a letting agency office. Officers recommended approval, despite a couple of residents having concerns about parking. There would, they said, be no difference in the levels of parking required or used if part of the premises were to operate as an office rather than the cafe occupying it all.

Local Councillor Steve Powderhill declared an interest as the applicant (a Welsh Lib Dem member) had stood against him in the Council election. That did not prevent him from then going on to speak against it and recommending it be turned down. His Labour colleagues all fell in line and agreed with him. There will be no change with regard to the number of people illegally parking in the area as a result as most of them are heading for the University not the cafe.

Then a bit further down the agenda came an application by Cllr Powderhill himself to build a house in Ynysybwl. Officers recommended it be turned down. Similar applications on the same plot had been several times in the past, before Cllr Powderhill became a Councillor! The application contravened just about every planning policy in the book and Officers had provided solid reasons for its refusal.

Still, surprise, surprise, Labour Councillors who make up the vast majority of the committee, voted to pass it. That they are so blatant in their actions almost defies belief. No ordinary mortal would be able to sway the committee in such a way and obtain permission which breaks every rule in the book.

Unfortunately it seems that when voters in Treforest and across RCT fell for the Labour line to 'send a message to Cameron and Clegg' they didn't realise that they were also sending a stronger message to the Labour party locally which was to carry on doing what they like.

There is also the question of course of where Powderhill actually lives. He gives his address as 124 Broadway, Treforest, which is where his business is located. I have certainly never seen any signs of life from the flat above where the tatty looking blinds are constantly closed.

During the election he made much of the fact that he was the only Treforest based candidate. So why is he building a house not only in another ward but another constituency, Ynysybwl being part of the Cynon Valley. But then oddly enough he gives his phone number on the Council website as (01443) 719184 - numbers starting with 71 do not tend to appear in Treforest, they are common in Ynysybwl however. Could he be doing an Antoniw?  Surely not, it must be a misconception on my part.

Here are a couple of the highlights of Powderhill’s election leaflet

“Never making promises I can’t keep and always honestly trying to do my best for the community not for my personal gain.”

“It’s about time we had someone who lives here and really cares for Treforest.”

“Which of your candidates actually lives in Treforest?”

“Which of the candidates has the time, the right motives and is committed to representing Treforest in the fit and proper manner which it really deserves?”

We may well ask what Cllr Powderhill’s motives really are.


Frank H Little said...

Words fail me.

Anonymous said...

So hes no different to the previous cllr, doesn't live in the ward

Karen Roberts said...

The 'previous Councillor' never made any secret of the fact he didn't live in the ward. He didn't pretend to live over his shop and then plan to build a house elsewhere, and he certainly didn't abuse the system to get planning persmission granted against Council polcy and officers recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Nice answer, but he still didn't live in the ward!

Karen Roberts said...

But he didn't pretend to either

Karen Roberts said...

I have absolutely no problem with Councillors not living in the ward they represent. I do have a problem with blatant hypocrisy and lies about the fact.