Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Carwyn – you just don’t get it do you?

First Minister Carwyn Jones is reported on Wales Online having yet another dig at the Westminster Government, saying
"What hurts Welsh families the most is the scourge of unemployment. As a government, we are determined to do all that we can to get people into work, and trying to keep people in their jobs. However, the UK Governments decision to cut public sector jobs in Wales severely undermines our efforts.”
Now Carwyn you see there is this little thing called devolution – it gives Wales a degree of autonomy, makes us grown-ups in the political sense.  With it comes responsibility.  As First Minister then you are supposed to accept some responsibility, not just the glory that comes with the title.
You cannot rely on public sector jobs to keep the Welsh economy bubbling along.  It has always been a risky strategy.  Your Government has a duty to attract private investment and permanent long term jobs.
You have failed, you and your Plaid helpers. You have let down the people of this country, and I for one cannot fathom why on earth they elected you in again to do even more damage.  But they did, so why don’t you stop moaning and blaming everyone else and get on with it.

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