Sunday, August 21, 2011

What are Plaid about?

I don’t always agree with everything Matt Withers writes but his column in today’s Wales on Sunday struck a couple of chords.
First his dismissal of Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards complaints regarding a Daily Mail article attacking the Welsh language.

“I abhor the appalling and moribund monkey language myself,” wrote Mr Lewis. And so it began.

Yes, it’s obviously untrue – only a lunatic is appalled by another language, moribund means it’s dying when it’s on the rise and there’s nothing remotely simian about it – but should Mr Edwards have contacted the authorities.“

Matt concludes that no, Mr Edwards should not have made such a fuss because it only served to add to the publicity.
The Plaid MP also referred the piece to the Police and the Press Complaints Commission.
Now whilst I agree that the comments made by the author were nonsensical and inaccurate and gave a very negative view of the language it hardly seems worth the time to kick up such a fuss.  But then that is all Plaid can do these days,
It once again begs the question of what is Plaid about?
They have had their day.  We are well down the road to devolution, and they have not been the only ones fighting for the Welsh language for a long time. They can’t make up their mind whether or not they support Independence or not, and chances are the majority of Welsh people wouldn’t anyway.
So where do they go from here? 

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