Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plaid need to get some perspective

The Western Mail reported yesterday some of the ridiculous salaries being paid to senior civil servants and quango members, and yet again you have to wonder why people do not get as incensed about this as the do about the comparatively modest salaries paid to elected members.  Lord Rowe-Beddoe for example receives £35,000 a year for four days’ work a month as one of two deputy chairmen of the UK Statistics Authority.  This equates to a full-time equivalent salary of around £175,000 – significantly more than the Prime Minister, who earns £142,500.

There is a whole list of examples of people who are incredibly well paid including
10 members of the Olympic Delivery Authority on the list who are paid up to £2.1m between them
It is quite frankly disgusting – people on the front line of public service at all levels of Government are facing cuts, yet those at the top of the tree continue to be paid handsomely.
Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards is not happy about the situation.  However, his complaint is that there are so few Welsh people on the list

“The UK Government of whatever colour will always put the needs of London and the South-East of England first as this is where the key swing seats in a Westminster election are situated. The only possible salvation for the people of Wales is the empowerment of the Welsh Government with job creation levers so that we can get on with the job of developing our own conditions to stimulate a vibrant economic environment.”
So it is perfectly acceptable to continue paying out these inflated wages, and setting up these quangos, as long as more of them are in Wales!
Well done Jonathan.


Archie said...

So karen, how much does the Chief executive of Lib dem Cardiff Council earn then?............a max salay of £188,976.......just slightly more than the Prime Minister

Double standards again?

Karen Roberts said...

What double standards would they be then 'Archie' where in here did I say I think the salary levels are acceptable?

In fact we have long criticised them in RCT. This is as you will no doubt have noted a blog expressing my personal opinions.

And you are yet again missing the point - Plaid seem very good at it.

archie said...

I'm not missing any point, i think that these salary levels are unacceptable including the top dogs in local authorities

So 'Karen' can you confirm that you agree that the salary of £ 188k for the chief exec in Cardiff is unacceptable?

archie said...
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Karen Roberts said...

In case anyone is wondering why the previous post has been removed it is because it was a duplicate of the one before. Don't know why Archie but that happens with all your comments.

Karen Roberts said...

Archie I am so glad you value my opinion so much. Yes I think salaries for senior Council Officers generally are too high and they should take their share of the cut backs. ok?

And it is not just Council Officers the same applies to many people in the public sector. Oh and why single out Cardiff? Do you think they are going to pay less than the going rate?

Still doesn't address the main point made in my initial post though - that Plaid did not condemn the salary levels, just that they were not in Wales. Like I said they need to get some perspective.

Archie said...

Oh i singled out cardiff as you are the Chairman of RCT Lib aren't you? & Cardiff is a Lib Dem Council isn't it? I was just highlighting the fact that the Lib Dem Council are paying way more than the Prime Minister, like many other authorities so they are just the same. Cardiff pay a max of just about 50k more than RCT for their Chief exec

Stll haven't answered the question though just gave a 'general answer'


Karen Roberts said...

Archie you should check your facts. No I am not Chair of RCT Welsh Lib Dems, not since last January when I stood down to concentrate more on the campaigning side. See here:

And Cardiff is run by a coalition Welsh Lib Dem / Plaid administration.

And I thought I had answerde the question, just maybe you don't like the answer?

Archie said...

My apologies I take it back you are not chairman of RCT Lib Dems( don't like chair too PC)

Yes there are some Plaid members in the coalition but the Lib Dems make up 90% of it

No you didn't really answer the question, can't see a yes or no