Sunday, August 07, 2011

Donkey vote still there but fading

I am currently in the process of doing one of the most boring of  jobs - no, not the ironing, hoovering, or even washing dishes.  Collating the data from a knock and drop survey carried out recently.

Overall I have to say it is very encouraging from our point of view.  However, it never ceases to amaze me the number of donkey Labour voters who remain in South Wales.

How would you rate the state of the roads and pavements - terrible
Do you think the standard of education is high enough - no
Is the Council's 'Outlook' magazine a waste of money - yes
Are there enough facilities for young people - no
Do you know who your current Councillor is - no
Are they doing a good job - don't know
How did you vote last time - Labour
How will you vote next time - Labour

What is it with some people?  Just who do they think is responsible for the state of their highways and schools and the provision of youth facilities?  Blinkered just does not begin to describe it.

Still, as I said, overall the signs are encouraging with more people showing a willingness to actually think before they vote and they are voting Welsh Liberal Democrat.

Bring on the Council elections.

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archie said...

What choice have people got then karen, vote for a party like yours who turn their back on everything & jump in bed with the tories

Spoilt paper is the choice