Saturday, May 05, 2012

Caption competition - love's labour's lost

Mr Alan Bevan. losing finalist at the try and unseat Cllr Mike Powell from Trallwn competition.

  • Glug, glug, going down.
  • Something smells rotten around here - oh, it's me.
  • This is harassment, taking photos of me, I'll report you to the Police.
  • A sea of red everywhere and I have to be knocked under by a yellow buoy.

Yet again Allen Bevan fails to unseat Mike Powell in Trallwn,  Do the Labour party really hate him that much that they put him back there again this time? Even on the back of such a massive swing to Labour this unpleasant little character couldn't get elected.  His unsavoury leaflets left almost as bad a taste as the ridiculous allegations of harassment he made against Mike just before the Assembly elections.

He couldn't turn up to a hustings last week because - so he told the organiser - he was still in mourning for his wife who died several months ago.  This didn't prevent him from contesting the election, putting out attack leaflets, knocking doors with Oily Smith.  But he couldn't manage to man up enough for a face to face fair and square quetsion and answer session.

This is an example of Labour at its worst. 


nick powell said...

Have we got any pics of the lie dems who lost?.........or isn't there enough room

Anonymous said...

until the lib dems have their own policies they will continue to lose

Karen Roberts said...

Funny man Nic. Of course you were too much of a coward to stand in the first place weren't you? At least they were all prepared to stand up for what they believe in.

nick powell said...

Coward? the former member for Treff & Ponty town are also cowards then for not standing then?. The reason I didn't stand was personal, one was that I didn't have the money to pay for leaflets, so apologies for being saint. So if you căn't afford something then you are a coward, typical tory attitude!

DutchEnery said...

I like Nick Powell, still hiding under that rock then?

nick powell said...

What arê you on about buddy?

Nick Powell said...

Still waiting for reply!

DutchEnery said...

Sorry, didn't realise you want a reply. I was drunk.

Anonymous said...

KR said "At least they were all prepared to stand up for what they believe in."

Is that's why you did not stand in Clydach Vale ?

The voters there stood up for what they believe in and turfed you out years ago.

Still biter ?