Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loose Cannon

RCT Council AGM took place earlier today and if I needed a reminder of just why I keep getting back on the horse and attacking the Labour party this was it.  The group in RCT is fronted by a pack of absolute insufferable, arrogant bullies who are a disgrace to the communities they are elected to serve.  They are backed by a spineless crowd of backbenchers who are just along for the ride.
The meeting opened with what I personally find a sickening exhibition of fawning over the outgoing and incoming mayors.  (The post is one I myself would abolish.)  The outgoing mayor, Sylvia Jones, made a heart rending speech about how she had “brought respect back to the role of mayor.”  Not difficult really when her predecessor was reprimanded by Standards Committee for telling a member to “sit down and give your arse a chance.” 
In a speech which I am sure was not intended to be as arrogant as it came across she said she had brought procedures back to ensure that the Mayor was greeted properly when on official business and that visitors to the Mayor’s parlour were also treated properly (bring back the booze stash did they?). 
She thanked staff and said that she even ‘embraced the cleaner’ as you have to treat all staff with respect.  Now I would have thought this went without saying, why should the cleaner be singled out any more than her secretary or chauffeur?  Is the cleaner less worthy?  Obviously the Labour class system rules it is so.
The best was yet to come though, when after a nauseating display of false camaraderie whilst the new Mayor and Deputy were dubbed and the new leader anointed it was the turn of the new Deputy Leader.  None other than ex Police Officer Paul Cannon who proceeded to show himself to be a truly nasty minded piece of work.
Yes, the same Paul Cannon who wants to be the South Wales Police Commissioner.  Well I have never thought much of the man in the past, we have had our run ins, but after tonight’s disgusting display my opinion is that he is not fit to lick the boots of most Police Officers never mind govern them.
The same Paul Cannon who as Cabinet member for Economic Development (a post he retains) said that he intends to do ‘”absolutely nothing” about the poor take up of grants by Pontypridd businesses.
He decided to use his acceptance speech to have a major dig at the opposition.  After a singeing attack on Plaid he then went on to say that he wouldn’t name names but that labour would not be sidetracked by “showboating buffoonery” from certain opposition Councillors.  His demeanour and language were far from what should be expected in a Council Chamber and just showed him up as a rather angry individual whose temperament is surely ill suited to leadership.
Now presumably he thinks that attempting to hold the administration to account by asking questions is not the way to behave in the Chamber?
There are 60 Labour members in RCT now and 15 opposition.  Yet still they obviously feel threatened.  Hardly surprising really.  I’d take one Mike Powell over 60 of that motley crew any day.


Stephen said...

As a retired Police Officer I, and others, found Paul Cannon a good leader and an honourable man.

Many others could learn from him.
It is a pity that, for their own reasons, many are determined to try to drag him down to their level.

Anonymous said...

Poor Karen Roberts kicked out of Clydach Vale because she was not good enough.
Hardly surprising really. She’d take one Mike Powell, why because he’s the only LibDem left. He lost 2/3rd of this party.

DutchEnery said...

Hmmm,honourable maybe but he is now playing politics. He leads his own side but not others and that's where the problems arise. Not ALL agree with his decisions. In the police you had no option, it is not a democratic institution. But RCT is supposedly democratic (well, we like to think so)although it seems more like a 1930's Reichstag to some.

Anonymous said...

"He leads his own side" - What side do you lead then DutchEnery, someone else's?