Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poor, poor Russell

Just how stupid is Russell Roberts the former RCT Council leader who lost his seat on May 3rd
Speaking to the local press he said
“I think, for whatever reason, I’ve been targeted by some members of the opposition"
No s**t  Sherlock.  The main reason - apart from the wasteful spending and arrogant attitude of your administration -  is because you exhibited excessive greed in skimming over £100,000 from the public purse by lining up five jobs when one of them – leading the Council was supposed to be a full time post.
Any other employee trying that trick would have been ousted long ago.
‘Mr Roberts is now looking to the future and said he will look for opportunities in the public sector’
Would anyone like to place a bet on how soon Russ will find himself doing some cosy little consultancy job for his mates down the Bay at a very nice little salary?  Or maybe a sideline with the WLGA in recognition of all his sterling work for them.
Jobs for the boys?  Suits you Sir,


Frank H Little said...

Are there not three or four otherwise unemployed people in RCT who could take a job apiece? Is not "from each according to his means" part of the socialist credo? It seems distinctly uncomradely not to spread his jobs around.

DutchEnery said...

Russell is no socialist, never was. He is more Tory than the Tories. It is just like it always was - I am alright Jack, bu**er you.

Ann said...

Obviously abject failure in your role has embittered you even more!!