Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let’s play nicely – or not

Some excellent observations from Matt Withers in his Wales On Sunday column this week.  Including extracts from a speech made by Torfaen AM Lynne Neagle in the Senedd last week during what was apparently a plea to move away from divisive politics.
“WE are in this together, but that means moving away from the sort of divisive politics that has become the hallmark of this coalition.”
Matt points out other highlights
Admitting she would support proposals to allow parents flexible leave if they weren’t being introduced by the current UK Government, telling Lib Dem AM Eluned Parrott she was “just here to stick up for the pernicious Tory Government at Westminster”, and pointing out that “our Labour First Minister is at the joint ministerial committee, standing up for Wales.’
Seems they just cannot stop themselves.  It’s the Labour way or no way as far as they are concerned as we see far too often in RCT.
The same column also picks up on Health Minister Lesley Griffiths assurances that she has never used the word ‘scaremongering’   In fact, Matt claims, she has used the word nine times.
 nine – the number of times Ms Griffiths has used the word “scaremongering” in the Senedd since being appointed Health Minister (five times in relation to the reorganisation of hospital services on September 28 last year, three times in a debate in November and once on February 1).

Thus is the advantage (or not) of a written verbatim record of proceedings - you need to be very sure of your facts before you deny having said anything in the past.

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