Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strategic political neutrality?

It has been a long week, and the after effects of the election have begun to kick in – aching legs, tiredness, the desire to stay in bed and throw the alarm clock across the room.
I do hope that Christian Hanagan has recovered – after all being Head of PR and Strategy is a tough job and needs someone on the ball with a new Council in place.
He was at the verification on Thursday night until gone midnight and then back again for the count on Friday.
I am not altogether sure what his status there was.  He is after all an officer of the Authority and as such supposed to be politically neutral, at least outwardly.  But he was there with the Labour party as one of their team.  Making sure his mother, Councillor Eudine Hanagan, was ok
I do hope that at the very least he booked time off to be there and wasn’t carrying out his political activities on taxpayers’ time. 

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