Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Weekend gets big thumbs down from residents

Ponty’s Big Weekend took place on July 24rd and 24th with The Wanted headlining on the Saturday and a ‘free’ concert on Sunday festering acts including Rhondda girl Sophie Evans.
The complaints have been rolling in thick and fast – not about the quality of the concerts, but about the rip off that many people see them to be.
People entering the Park were told they were not allowed to take food in – this had not been mentioned on the RCT website or the Big Ponty website nor indeed was it stated on the tickets. Bottled water was allowed through the gate, but bottles of pop were confiscated.  This to ensure attendees were forced to buy from the vendors inside.
So who benefitted - local traders?  Did this event contribute to the economy of Pontypridd?  NO.
The vendors inside were all from out of the area and indeed outside of Wales it seems and the prices have been described as little short of extortionate.
And this was not the only complaint – or the first time this event has attracted criticism.
As reported in the Pontypridd Observer last year local residents were furious that the entire Park was cut off for this concert to take place, and the fact that the town does not benefit economically at all from this or other such events.
When will the Labour administration in RCT learn? 


Archie said...

I agree, but when I mentioned about the same rip off prices at the fireworks a few yrs ago don't semm to remember the Lib Dems agreeing then, bandwagon again Karen?????????????

Karen Roberts said...

And who disagreed with you?

We have been complaining about this at events of all kinds in the Park for years. Problem is the Ponty Observer is virtually an extension of the Outlook magazine these days - for some reason they seem very reluctant to publish anything we say. Mike highlighted the problems in Ponty town centre with the 25mm kerbs (see our wbexite and note the date of publication there) he does not get a mention in the paper today.