Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ghosties and Ghoulies and other strange hapenings

One of the strange headlines to catch my attention this week  was this one:
“Irene Allen, head of Spirit Rescue International (SRI) in Carmarthenshire, told Wales on Sunday that Llanelli is one of a few “hotbeds” of paranormal activity in the world – and is “swimming” with negative energy”
Hmmmm – could this be why the Scarlets have been performing so poorly lately – they are somehow under the influence of evil phantoms, probably the ghosts of former Cardiff players determined to bring down the boys in red. 
Ms Allen claims she has been seeing ghosts since the age of six, in a similar fashion to the boy in “Sixth Sense.”
So next time you hear strange noises and objects moving about who you going to call? Yes, Spirit Rescue International.

Ruby the pony has a new home I am sure everyone will be glad to know. 
Ruby hit the headlines when her owner tried to take her on a train – apparently he wanted to take her to the hospital because dear Ruby is pregnant.  Aaaahhhhh!
Now the four legged celebrity has been taken into care.  Probably for the best – I hear some of those trains have no loos or buffet cars and are in a terrible state!


Meanwhile the Pontypridd Observer carries the story of the woman who  put my pet on a diet and lost five stone”
‘Alyson King, 49, of Pontypridd, started Lucky her golden Labrador on the slimming regime after realising he was getting too roly-poly.

But Alyson decided to help Lucky by joining in the “more exercise and no treats” doggy-diet – and shed all her middle-aged “puppy fat” too’
Lucky apparently shed two stone and is now a fit 6 stone.  His owner went from seventeen and a half to twelve and a half stone.  She said
“He is literally like a different dog, in personality, body shape and health. Obesity is a growing problem amongst UK pets. But this is a great example of what can be achieved and we hope this will inspire others to make a positive change to their pets’ lifestyles.”

Well who’d have thunk it?  Eat less and exercise more and you lose weight.  Amazing.  Maybe some people could try that with their children.

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