Friday, July 01, 2011

Standards Simon, standards!

I have mentioned on here previously the nonsense that goes on in the Council Chamber at RCT with the Labour Councillors and their rabble rousing behaviour.  Some months ago the Labour group voted in favour of introducing a new members protocol. 
One of its aims was to stop our Councillors (and our then Assembly candidate Mike Powell in particular) from dealing with problems outside of their own wards. They decided that Councillors should
 Work with Members of adjoining wards for the benefit of the locality.
 If dealing with any matter relating to another ward:
     Explain to anyone seeking assistance that he/she is not the local Member.
     Inform the local Member, unless it would lead to a breach of confidentiality.
The protocol also included guidelines on how members should behave in meetings.  There they should:
 Behave with dignity.
 Show respect to the Chairman and obey his/her decisions.
 not to use indecent language nor make racial remarks or remarks which     
     Prejudice any section of society.

Next week the first case goes before Standards Committee for a breach of this code – by a Labour member (the then Mayor / Chairman in fact).   The complaint has been brought by Welsh Liberal Democrat Cllr Mike Powell.  I was present at the meeting referred to in the complaint and was quite frankly disgusted by the behaviour exhibited by the person supposedly in charge of proceedings.  Oddly enough the Mayor was unwell for every one of the remaining meetings during his term of office!
The Labour group really are a disgrace.  Maybe this is what they have to hide

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