Monday, July 04, 2011

Where’s the talk of savage cuts now then?

Yet another example of the Unions overwhelming political bias.  The Western Mail today reports that the Welsh Government may close some of its regional offices with a possible loss of up to 400 jobs.
How does the PVS react?  Are they threatening to take to the streets, are they raging against the savage cuts being imposed by Labour? Of course not. Instead Peter Harris who is PCS Wales Secretary and the lead negotiator with the Welsh Government said
“I welcome the Welsh Government’s commitment to continue to provide a dispersed presence across Wales. The opening of offices in Merthyr, Aberystwyth and Llandudno Junction were supported by the unions and helped devolve work from Cardiff. The movement of staff to these locations has been underpinned by the principles of no unwelcome compulsory redundancies or enforced transfers.
“Further estate rationalisation should proceed in the same way. We are not opposing any change and indeed a number of small offices have already been merged or closed.”

I think I would feel severely under-changed if I were a member of theirs working in one of these locations.  He went on to say:
“unwelcome compulsory redundancies could result in a dispute with the Welsh Government. Despite the financial squeeze, however, I believe a dispute can be avoided if there is a willingness to protect jobs and services in rural areas.”

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