Monday, July 25, 2011

Small victories count too

A while ago I mentioned that there was a complaint being put before RCT Standards Committee after the then Mayor of RCT during a particularly boisterous evening in the Council Chamber told Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell to "sit down and give your arse a chance."

Now I am sure Mike would agree that is not the first time people make have thought that!! but it is hardly appropriate for the so called first citizen of this County Borough to say such a thing whilst chairing a public meeting.

It is with no small sense of satisfaction then that this week's Council meeting has on the agenda the Standards Committee report which informs Members of the decision to reprimand Simon Lloyd for his behaviour.

A small victory to be sure,  but a satisfying one nonetheless given the sheer arrogance of the Labour party here.  Maybe they will start abiding by their own 'local protocol' now.

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