Saturday, July 09, 2011

Three jobs Russell – or is it four....... Or five?

As reported in the Rhondda Leader this week Councillor Russell Roberts, Labour leader of RCT Council,  has been re-elected as chairman of South Wales Police Authority.  What a relief it must be for him in these trying times to know that he can still rely on topping up the mere £57785 a year he earns as leader of the Council with a generous dollop of cash from the Police Authority.
It is unfortunate for him that the Government had announced an end to Police Authorities as from next May – how will he cope?
As Chair of the Police Authority he earns a tasty £23,554.99 a year.  The annual report shows he has attended 37 out of 38 meetings, but even if he had managed them all that would have amounted to £619 per meeting.
Nice work if you can get it.  And a very nice top up to what should be a full time salary in return for a full time commitment to RCT Council. 
He did of course take a pay cut in recent times when he stopped being the Chair of Cwm Taf Health Board.  He still sits on that body.
He is also been elected as the chairman of the Police Authorities of Wales – I am not sure of that comes with even more money.  And just to keep him occupied he is the Deputy leader of the WLGA.
How does he find the time to run the Council?  Still I am sure he is worth every penny

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