Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well said that man

I know he’s a Tory but I do quite like Boris Johnson, and it seems he surrounds himself with aides who are equally as forthright in their opinions.
As reported by the BBC Guto Harri has put Carwyn Jones firmly in his place with regard to his recent bleating about how Wales is not getting enough benefit from the Olympics with regard to hosting events and businesses cashing in.
As Guto points out devolution is supposed to put responsibility as well as power into the hands of the Welsh Government.  What did the Labour – Plaid coalition do to attract more events to Wales?  What help and advice did they give to businesses?
"Did Carwyn, did the other people around him, do enough to offer Wales as a location for different things…………did Welsh politicians make a proper pitch?"
One may well ask.  He goes on to point out
“The days of sitting in Cardiff complaining about what governments in London are doing to Wales have long gone.  Wales now has a medium to behave like an adult, not like a small child complaining.”
Quite right too. 
It seems to be the Labour response to everything – to blame the evil Westminster Government for anything and everything and to abdicate all responsibility for things that are ultimately the responsibility of their Welsh Government Ministers.

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