Friday, July 01, 2011

What is there to hide?

As reported in the Western Mail Conservative AM William Graham has laid a Statement of Opinion calling for the Assembly to encourage local authorities in Wales

“to permit the recording and broadcasting of all council meetings that are designated open to the public wherever possible, and acknowledges the good practice already undertaken by many local authorities in Wales which have embraced social networking and internet broadcasting to increase transparency and communication with their constituents.”

This follows an incident at a Carmarthenshire Council meeting recently where a blogger was removed by the police when she tried to film proceedings.

As mentioned in an earlier post Rhondda Cynon Taff Council’s Labour administration,  voted in May to ban the taking of photos, blogging, tweeting, or anything else of that nature, by Councillors or anyone in the public gallery.

Compare this with Welsh Liberal Democrat led Cardiff Council who webcast all their Council meetings.  This is of course Welsh Lib Dem policy following a conference motion proposed by RCT Lib Dems.

No Labour AMs have signed up to Mr Graham’s SOP – what a surprise!  


stephen jones said...

Let's be honest all RCT Councillors should hang their heads in shame for state of Pontypridd alone.

Rhondda and Cynon have done well, thank you very much, but I for one think that the Taff bit has been royally ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its the poor standard of cllrs in ponty?