Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Calm down Russell you’re making a fool of yourself

Now I am a big fan of the work of Russell T Davies, especially Dr Who and Torchwood, but the claptrap he has been spouting to the press has not endeared me to the man himself.
Now granted he may be a little upset at cuts to the BBC budget, but to accuse Nick Clegg and David Cameron of being "savage and evil people” is a little OTT don’t you think?
He is reported on Wales Online as saying that “prioritizing health and education spending over funding for the arts was a false comparison.”
Really?  Now I like a bit of telly as much as the next person, my life is forever enriched by a bit of Corrie, a run around Cardiff Bay with Captain Jack, or Lembit on the latest reality show (!).  It brings me Glastonbury without the mud, Wimbledon without the rain, and Wales losing to just about anyone without the pain of paying for a ticket.
But it is hardly life or death stuff.  A hospital ward kept open or a new series of Waking The Dead?  More equipment for schools, or a new top of the bill name for Waterloo Road?
Drama Queen Davies rambled on
"When is he (Cameron) a consumer of that stuff, when do you imagine that David Cameron actually sat down and enjoyed a night’s television? How much do you think he knows about it.”
And just how much does Russell know about real life, about the practicalities of running a country, about the tough decisions that have to be made.  You can’t call ‘take two’ in reality. 

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