Thursday, June 02, 2011

The future of YG Llanhari

The future of YG Llanhari

One good piece of news is the proposal going to RCT Cabinet (will it get passed?  oh the excitement!) to provide a new Welsh Medium Primary school at Llanhari.  There is a shortage of Welsh Medium places in RCT which is going to get worse if not addressed.
Whilst I am not wholly convinced by the idea of 3 to 19 schools, the extra provision is very welcome.  It will hopefully also increase the number of pupils going to YG Llanhari as that is currently operating at levels which are unsustainable.  It lost a huge number of pupils when the Welsh medium Secondary school in Bridgend was opened a few years ago.  It has also suffered because the replacement school for YG Rhydfelen was built in the wrong place and has attracted pupils who may otherwise have gone to YG Llanhari.
It is time that the problem of Welsh Medium provision was taken seriously in RCT and there are some very welcome proposals in this report.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the standard is better than the two Welsh medium schools my children attend. It is not enough to simply have them speaking Welsh they need an education, which is not something my children appear to be receiving!!

Concerned said...

If you truly cared about the provision of your children's education, surely you would name and shame the schools and not hide behind an anonymous ID