Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unions should operate in the real world

Here we go again, the unions jumping up and down in feigned righteous indignation over the proposals to change public sector pensions

That will of course be the same unions who put the Labour party into power and watched and even applauded whilst they messed up so completely.
Could somebody please tell me why public sector employees should be protected over and about anyone in the private sector?  Just what is so special about them? Shouldn't they take their fair share of the pain?  After all they have been more than willing to take advantage of the benefits over the years.
The NUT ballot showed, according to their General Secretary, just how much anger there is amongst teachers. Yet the figures  do not quite show that do they?
 “Results from the NUT's ballot show that 92% were in favour of strike action. Turnout was 40% among state school members of the union and 27% among private school members”
Some 83% of ATL members voted to strike, and overall turnout for the ballot was 35%”
Most of them it seems were not even bothered enough to vote. Could there be just a hint of politicising going on here?


Anonymous said...

So if a party / candidate is elected when they only have 30% of the acutal people entitled to vote , what does that say?

Showing how much to the right the libs have gone

rhystaylor said...

To whoever commented above - one of the reasons the Lib Dems have fought for a referendum on the Voting System is to ensure that electing governments is fair and represents what the people vote for.

Nobody claims that a government elected on 30% of the vote actually represents the view of the electorate.

Read what's posted, not what you want to read and the recycled lies that the media pump at people.

DutchEnery said...

Point to Anonymous - It just shows that not many Brits are interested in politics. Or go to vote for that matter. We deserve what we get through not bothering. Nothing whatsoever to do with LibDems or any other party for that matter.