Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Labour need to grow up

Well I’ve checked the RCT Council resolution and it states that “Proceedings at meetings may not be photographed, videoed, sound recorded or transmitted in anyway outside the meeting without prior permission of the Mayor. Failure to comply with this rule may invoke Rule 19.4 (Members to leave meeting) and 20.1 (Removal of members of the public).”

Nothing at all there that says I can’t blog afterwards about what a complete and absolute bunch of a*******s the Labour group there are.
Honestly I have seen better behaviour in a Nursery class.  These people are running the second largest Local Authority in Wales, and apologies for the old joke but if brains were dynamite then between them they couldn’t gather enough to blow the leader’s nose!
Not only that but they really are as nasty and vindictive a bunch of people as you could ever hope to meet (or hope not to meet I should say.)  The childish snipes, the loud mutterings whenever any opposition member dares to voice an opinion.  They have a huge majority they can do what they want, yet that is not enough.  They like to put on the superior act, to shout others down, to try and intimidate.  I often wonder what the Officers present think of the show – they would surely be sacked for behaving in such a way.
It is a shame that more people don’t get to see their appalling behaviour.  Although on the other hand many people have a low enough opinion of politicians as it is and are turned off by the democratic process.  This exhibition of idiocy would do little to persuade people they should become more involved.

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