Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well done that Minister.

Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant  today announced he was sacking the Commissioners of the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales following a highly critical report into its running which concluded that the  Commission is  not fit for purpose’
I would imagine  that a large number of Councillors across the country are welcoming the news having seen some of the nonsensical recommendations the Commission came up with.
Back in November 2010 RCT Lib Dems criticised the Commission after some of its more its ludicrous proposals were repealed.  There had been no mincing of words in February of that year when the original proposals were announced
The story had been the same across Wales.  These people surely could never have left their cosy offices given the nonsense they came up with.  Now maybe we could start looking at some other Commissions who have been less than effective??

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