Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lame ducks swimming in circles

Lot of changing of minds going on down in the Bay this week.
The badger cull which Labour were so keen on a few months ago is now on the back burner and the gimmicky free lap tops which they were fully signed up to has now been scrapped. Carwyn has turned his back on the TAN 8 policy that he himself introduced as the then Environment Minister and guess what – he thinks that there should be a review of Wales’ financial powers.  Strange he didn’t appear to be quite so keen when his lot were in power in Westminster.
The word hypocrisy keeps cropping up in relation to Labour but the level of their hypocrisy really is absolutely stunning and I cannot put into words on any public forum the level of revulsion I feel towards this party that once was considered the party of the working class.
The only thing that amazes me more in relation to them is why on earth apparently otherwise sane individuals keep on voting for them.
I think we sometimes delude ourselves as Liberal Democrats that our policies are so much common sense that surely any rational person as soon as they realise what they are must pounce upon them and vote for us in their droves  (ok that particular delusion is getting a bit harder to sustain these days).  But there are far too many people out there – intelligent, professional people on the face of it – who simply lap up what they read in the Labour rags and take it as gospel.
It’ll take a lot more than a correctly worded manifesto and a top class focus leaflet to get through to them

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