Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh Edward, Edward, Edward

Accompanied by lots of determined earnest finger waving Ed Miliband has announced that the Labour party “must change to win.”
Just what planet is this man on?  He made this speech to Labour’s policy forum meeting in Wrexham seemingly ignorant of the fact that in Wales Labour did win – although maybe by not as much as they would have liked – and people in the main unfortunately didn’t seem to be a jot bothered that they hadn’t changed.
He has some fantastic new ideas though. 
‘Its annual conference will be opened up to campaign groups and charities - who will be allowed to speak from the floor in debates although they will not get to vote on policies.’  Now where have I heard that idea before, oh yes of course we do it.
‘Local Labour parties will be allowed to organise petitions on issues which they feel ought to be debated at national level, and if they can demonstrate enough support, those issues will be placed on the agenda at future meetings of the policy forum.’  Now you’re talking, why haven’t we thought of that….oh sorry, we have only in our case there is no need for ‘petitions’ which ‘demonstrate enough support.’  It is far easier for our members to put forward ideas, and they then get debated not by a select ‘policy forum’ but by representatives from all local parties.
Good to see the unions present there though, after all it was the union vote that put Eddie where he is.

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