Friday, June 17, 2011

Now about that TAN 8

The BBC report today that
“Opponents of windfarms have welcomed the Welsh Government's announcement  to restrict developments in mid Wales.
First Minister Carwyn Jones said planning guidelines on the number of windfarms should in future be regarded as an upper limit
In a statement on Friday, Mr Jones said: "The Welsh Government believes this level of development is unacceptable in view of its wider impacts on the local area."
He said the Tan 8 "capacities should be regarded as upper limits".
Overall responsibility for large-scale energy generation rests with the UK Government.
Mr Jones said he hoped the UK Government would "respect" his announcement and "not allow proliferation when they take decisions on individual projects in Wales".”
Good news for many Mid Wales residents I am sure.  However, let’s not forget who was the Minister at the time TAN 8 was introduced.  Yes, of course, none other than the now First Minister himself.
So old dogs can be taught new tricks!

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